Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ric Rac Pics

Hey Everyone! Did you have fun at Ric Rac this weekend? Check out our pics of the day over here! Thanks to all of our wonderful vendors and everyone who came out to support us!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ric Rac open!

Ric Rac opens right now! So see you soon!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ric Rac is Tomorrow!

Ah Tomorrow...it's the Ric Rac Roundup!

Tomorrow is a day of so many mysteries. Will it rain? (I hope not!) Will it be incredibly hot? (all signs point to Yes) Will people come to the fair? (You better!) Will Paul McCartney come to the Ric Rac? (I hope so!) Will he play a girl like a guitar like in this video? (I'll volunteer!) Will he stand in line for a snowcone? (who wouldn't?) Will you stand in line for a snowcone (again, who wouldn't?)

For the answers to all these questions and more, you better join us at Ric Rac!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ric Rac contest!

The ric rac roundup is in a mere 4 days, and to celebrate we are having a contest! Forward this blog to all your friends and have them make a comment ..whoever has the most friends comment will win a fun prize! Just make sure that they reference your name in there comment. You have until Thursday...anndd....Go!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

KC Modern Quilt Guild Show!

So, perhaps I never told you about the fun that will be happening inside of bon bon during the Ric Rac Roundup? Well, besides having a slew of lovely new little things for you to see and purchase we will also be hosting.....a Modern Quilt Show! Yes, ladies and gentlemen be prepared to see the wonder and inspiration that is modern quilting. There will be color and pattern and amazing backbreaking stitching. You will be so inspired you will want to make one..or at least curl up with one on your bed.

All the quilts will have been made by members of the newly formed Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild..a gaggle of ladies who are reinventing the traditional quilt forms with modern aesthetics. As you can see, I'm super excited about it! I hope you are too!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Introducing: Stir Designs!

Stir Designs says that they are a mother/daughter creative partnership. Now that is too cute isn't it? I love a family business! Daughter Stephanie was in textile design at KU (way to actually use your major Stephanie!) and with her mother, Deb they create hand-dyed and handmade pieces to brighten up your home. Oh, and jewelry..they do really cute fiber-infused jewelry too. So, basically you will probably walk away with something for both your home and yourself from this booth. Which is a good thing! Just make sure you budget for it!

Introducing: Sikenomics and Two Tone Press!

This booth is going to be a graphics extravaganza! Phil from Sikenomics brings an urban graffiti style to his clothing with his use of bold typography and color. Michelle with Two Tone Press brings a similar aesthetic to her work--she says she wants to create the boldest, most colorful letterpress products out there. Well, Michelle..let's see it! We love bold colors and graphics so we can't wait to see the booth that these two come up with..

See more Sikenomics here

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Introducing: Betsy Lemon!

Betsy Lemon (by the way, has there ever been a cuter name than that?) is a member of the most mysterious of clubs... Weavers. The way these folks can make fabric out of nothing but some fiber and a loom intrigues me. If nothing else, to have the patience to sit, warping and wefting all day..good for you weavers! Betsy weaves silk and rayon into awesome fabric and then creates clothing from it. Such a lot of work Betsy, I salute you!

Introducing: Samantha Kuykendall!

Ms. Samantha Kuykendall comes from a very crafty family. You will see them here and anon at craft show after craft show--in fact you probably saw her mom at last year's Ric Rac! For the most part however, the family does gifty crafts (awesome little lovelies covered in glitter), so we were super excited to hear that Samantha is branching out into jewelry. She really brings a feminine, vintagey look to her pieces with the use of found objects. If you are looking to bring a little bit of sparkle to your life, I think this will be the booth to stop at!