Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glazed Earth

Judy Boyer Finnegan--Glazed Earth
I first started working in clay about 16 years ago while a student at Texas Tech University. Just within the last two and a half years I have begun again. I work in white earthenware clay and low-fire glazes. I roll the clay out into slabs; stamp the clay with handmade stamps, found stamps and found objects. Then I cut shapes from the stamped clay and use slumped molds to make the form I desire. Those pieces are then attached to others to form a vase or wish vessel or whatever.

My latest series of pieces are connected with the job I have during the week. As a tailor's assistant I am around fabrics with texture, color, and decorative patterns. I have acquired many scraps of lace and other textural fabrics to press into the clay. I then glaze the pieces in bright colors.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sandi Devenny

I am an artist; illustrator, designer, crafty chick. I love creating stuff!

For as long as I recall, I've had a passion for art -- doodling, painting, needlework, collage, etc. As a child I was greatly inspired by my mother's sewing and how she persistently created handmade items for me to play with. Through the years my love of sewing and fine needlework had grown, and soon after the birth of our son it fully emerged. With him as my main source of inspiration, I've been continuing to create a variety of children related items including, onesies, booties, bibs, finger puppets, dolls and currently an array of plush creatures. With support from my husband, family and friends I've continued to evolve and have gladly moved forth into the urban rise of crafting.

I reside in Overland Park, Kansas, where each item is fabricated locally and handmade with extra love. I'm ecstatic to share my creations with you and I hope you'll enjoy everything as much as I've love creating it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Handmade by Sodapop

Dayle is my name, crafts are my game. I've been crafty my entire it's all I know. I sew, knit, solder, cut and paste to create things. I'm based here in Kansas City, but my hometown is Baltimore, Maryland. I'm an urban girl living in a loft with my hubby and two dogs.

Handmade by Sodapop is a creative venture of pure girly craftiness. It's all about the fun colors, textures and patterns I see everyday. I am passionate about creating beautiful things from my heart. I make handbags, jewelry, flower pins and many other women's accessories, I love the idea of making something beautiful that someone else may enjoy. It makes me feel good knowing I made someone's day.
I have so many ideas and so little time to make them. I do what I can when I can. Sodapop is truly a labor of love. It's sweet, colorful, and full of energy, just like me.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oddly Correct coffee

We choose to roast high quality, sustainable coffees from importers and micro-mill operators who believe in paying farmers a wage that covers the effort necessary to produce coffees of distinction and keep food on their tables.

Endgame for us is forging meaningful and sustainable relationships with every aspect of our business. We wish to increase the well being of the coffee producing communities, and in turn sweeten your morning with coffees sweet, complex and pleasantly freaky.

You and we can sleep better at night knowing a fair price has been paid for all raw materials used at Oddly Correct. We aim to continually engage our own minds and relationships in the interest of bringing better and better roasted coffee to the market.