Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Introducing: Folded Pigs!

Do you know what makes the ultimate statement of love? Not candy, not chocolate or flowers, not even a diamond ring. A simple plate or mug will do the trick..as long as it's a Folded Pigs plate that says "I love you more than zombies love brains". That is when you know when you are truly loved, because you know how much zombies love brains? A whole lot. In fact, it turns out they can't live without them. Isn't that sweet?
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Introducing: Lusterbunny!

I've seen it time and time again. Breathless hordes of people ogling Lusterbunny's candy colored jewelry. First they have to narrow it down: ring, necklace, brooch or earrings. Hmmm. So many options, all delightful...but...Necklace! But then what color? and then what image? Oh the mind boggles at the options and you can see them thinking "Well, the flower is so pretty and goes with everything" But I will bet my bottom dollar that they will be positively unable to walk out without an Octopus. No, it doesn't make as much sense as the flower..but you just have to have it.
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Introducing: bebe and alice!

So, you know how you went on that feverish kick of reusing your old clothes and textiles to make new stuff? And how it really didn't turn out like you thought it would? In fact, jeans made into a jean skirt just really isn't the look you are going for? Well, you can rejoice! Because Heather of bebe and alice is being all super recycle-y and making fabulous stuff! I mean, look at that scarf. That is the kind of scarf you get stopped on the street for..you'll never get anywhere because people will keep asking you where you got it. Not to mention how you will feel all good for wearing environmentally friendly clothing.

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Introducing: Glazed Earth!

Ceramicists and potters. I love them both. In a way they are the same thing, but for some reason the term potter and their accompanying pottery just seems very romantic to me. Glazed Earth seems like true pottery to me. I love the thought of Judy heaving slabs of clay around and using stamps and found objects to work that clay from a lump to a texturally awesome teapot. Or dish. Or vase. I love that the glaze says Hey! come look at me, and once you are there you must touch it. And of course, once you touch it you have to take it home. Because you can't possibly leave that gorgeous little thing, can you?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Introducing: Craftboy Workshop!

Chuck Harper (or as I like to think of him Chuckfromcraftboyworkshop) is no fool. He knows what the people desire...journals. Have you ever been able to pass up a perfectly made journal? Especially a handmade one with Secret Belgian Binding?? It doesn't matter if you never written a list, thought or poem in your life. When you hold that perfect journal in your hands your mind races with ideas. What is it about a blank page that can throw you into inspiration overdrive? Whether it inspires you to get organized, start a diary, sketch, or even just to make a grocery list the possibilities that lie in an untouched journal are enormous.
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Introducing: Early Jewelry!

Do I even need to introduce Early Jewelry to you? I mean, Kylie is to KC jewelry what Steve Jobs is to the computers. Where Kylie goes, her jewelry goes, and so do the people! Early Jewelry enthusiasts will follow her to the ends of the earth -- and rightfully so. Kylie's rustic, Midwest inspired jewelry speaks to everyone who longs for a simpler time. No rhinestones and bling here, thank you very much..just striking necklaces and earrings made from found objects that will have you putting on your calico and getting ready to wander the prairie. Doesn't that sound so nice?
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Introducing: Andrea Yates!

Look at those cups, aren't they fantastic? Don't you look at them and suddenly see yourself in a gorgeous, modern all white and blue kitchen drinking tea? (while looking out over your ocean view?) Well, that is what I see when I look at Andrea Yates' ceramics. They are so simple and delicate, yet have fabulous designs on them and are sturdy enough for the dishwasher and microwave. How does she do it? Maybe she learned the secrets when she was an artist in residence at Guldagergård International Ceramic Research Center in Skælskør, Denmark. (I just had to throw that in there, because I love the name Guldagergård) Well, someday when I have my house with an ocean view, I plan on having a whole set of Andrea's dishes, cups and bowls. I hope that day comes soon!

Introducing: Hammerpress!

Are you totally in love with letterpress? Cards, poster, invitations, I name it, you collect it? Well if that is the case then I think you need to go give a big Thank You! to Brady Vest from Hammerpress. He started his business in 1994, and in my humble opinion, his work totally kick-started the letterpress love we see everywhere today. Make sure you have a list of everyone you need birthday cards for so you can stock up at Ric Rac. Make sure you check out your open wall space too--you might find yourself with one, two, or five of Hammerpress' awesome posters..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Introducing: Oven Luvin!

What's cookin' good lookin'? Am I the only one who wishes she were a little more Donna Reed in the kitchen? Well, I don't know what will help my cooking skills, but I do know that I'll be good lookin with my aprons, casserole covers, and bake ware carriers from Oven Luvin! I'm kind of fascinated with the idea of showing up at a potluck with armfuls of delicious goodies, all in Oven Luvin carriers. Hmm, I think it's time someone organized a potluck party!

Introducing: Emmy Ray Jewelry!

Baubles. The term brings to mind bins overflowing with brightly colored beads and trinkets. A veritable treasure chest of fun. Drawer after drawer of necklaces and bracelets and earrings all there to brighten up your day. Well, if I had a treasure chest of baubles, I would probably have more Emmy Ray jewelry than any other designer! It's so colorful, and happy. It is kind of vintage-y, but totally modern at the same time. You can totally tell that in her other life she is a florist--her pieces are like flower arrangements to wear!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Introducing: Aunt June!

Lauren Kaye Brooks Spencer Hunt is quite a mouthful of a name..is it any wonder that she likes to call herself Aunt June? Such a simple name, but it conjures up thoughts of your favorite eccentric aunt and long nights of crafting in her cozy cottage. That, folks, is exactly the vibe you get from Aunt June's awesome line of fabrics and bags. Yes, you heard that right..she makes her own fabrics! How cool is that?? This lady is a fabric fiend! With luck you will prance right out of her booth with a bag made out of special Aunt June fabric (or vintage, which would be cool too).

Introducing: Fresher than Fresh Snowcones!

Just so you know, you will not get to leave the Ric Rac Roundup, without having a snowcone. I don't care if you don't like snowcones, I don't even care if you had a traumatic snowcone experience as a child (but if you did, I'm willing to bet that it involved a county fair and the Tilt a Whirl ride. Am I right?) Because Fresher than Fresh snowcones aren't like those sticky sweet ones you remember from your childhood..these snow cones are made from all natural ingredients with yummy flavors like strawberry rhubarb and lemon prickly pear. Just imagine how incredibly good that is going to be after shopping in the hot sun. I'm considering trying a different flavor every hour...who's with me?

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Introducing: Handmade by Sodapop!

Miss Dayle Bennet from Handmade By Sodapop likes to surprise you. She will come up with some spectacularly adorable item and then disappear. Then, out of the blue she will pop up and Shazam! All new, different stuff. I like to think of her scurrying down to her bright studio, surrounded by ribbons and beads and working on her master plan of craft domination. "What shall I make next?" she asks herself "Pincushions, necklaces, bags, oh I know!" and then in a cloud of scissors and fabric she makes another adorable item that you can't help but want. Sneaky Dayle, very sneaky.

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Introducing: Dirty Laundry!

Oh Jeanee from Dirty Laundry, what would we do without you? Well, I can tell you one thing, we would not be surrounded by adorable cupcake bath fizzies that smell phenomenal..which would really ruin our day. They are so cute! And such a good gift! And them smell so goooood. Folks, this girl is one of the hardest working crafters in KC and you will get a good look why at Ric Rac..but don't look to long, lest some long-arm shopper snag your cupcakes out from under you. You have to have the quick draw in Jeanee's booth, you may want to practice beforehand..

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Introducing: Seek Design!

Miss Tara Tonsor of Seek Designs just doesn't have enough time in the day. People are constantly harassing her for jewelry. Necklaces, Earrings, more more more! (I have to admit that we are guilty of it too..sorry Tara!) It's easy to see why though, how cute is her work? She uses found objects to make one of a kind pieces for a super good price. And, if we are lucky, we might get to see some of her large art pieces at Ric Rac. She only does them every once in a while but they tend to be spectacular! Cross your fingers!

Introducing: Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters!

What could be better on a hot July day that a cup of freshly brewed, locally roasted coffee? I've got it! A super refreshing swig of Iced Coffee...which is exactly what Oddly Correct gave us at Ric Rac last year, and probably saved the life of many a tired and thirsty shopper. This little company (run by the cutest family ever) roasts their own beans, and prints their own packaging, giving KC a truly unique coffee experience. Stop by the booth and be sure to sign up for the coffee delivery service (which I think is the smartest thing ever) or just by bag after bag of their delicious beans!
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Etsy craft party at bon bon!

To celebrate Etsy's bday they are throwing parties all around the world! We will be the site of the Kansas City party---you should totally come! Go here http://www.meetup.com/Etsy-Craft-Party/ to RSVP--the 50 parties with the most people will win an etsy party pack! Let's do it!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Introducing: The Modern Logger!

The Modern Logger is all the work of the one and only Heather Green. When not slaving away during the day as a graphic designer, Heather is hard at work at home making plush log paperweights, pillows and felt ipod/iphone cases. (oooh, will she make an ipad one for the ric rac? I could sure use one..I guess I'll have to wait to see)

Anyway, she embroiders the wood grain pattern on all the log items...no two of which are alike! Heather says that her handmade items are very well crafted and lots of fun...I agree!
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Introducing: Emetalworks!

Emily Blodgett-Panos is the designer behind eMetalworks, a jewelry line that uses multimedia items like silver, burlap, wood, plexiglass etc. and turns them into modern statement pieces. This year she has been inspired by a yellow and lime room she remembers from her childhood. She has brought this memory into her pieces with color and the use of cane patterns.

I can't wait to buy a pair of her candy colored enamel earrings. We don't have pics of them (yet) but I've seen them and they are adorable!!

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