Monday, November 16, 2009

Ric Rac in Presentmagazine!

There is a great article on about the roundup and it features several of our lovely artists..check it out here!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ric Rac is this Thursday!

So, we have finally arrived at Ric Rac Roundup week! I thought I would post the final list of vendors who will be joining us....

Dirty Laundry (bath fizzies and other adorable stuff)
Sodapop (fabulous bags, buttons, everything you could want)
Emmy-Ray jewelry
Early Jewelry
Lost and Found jewelry
Andrea Yates (ceramics)
Alissa Ross (plush)
Sandi Devenney (plush)
Oddly Correct (delicious coffee)
Kdog Photographers
Pati Lord Judy (cute aprons, etc.)
Linda Davis (custom pet portraits)
Emily Blodgett-Panos (jewelry)
bon bon atelier (coolest stuff ever, but I am biased!)
Glazed Earth ceramics
Liz Gardner (apparel)
Scarlett Garnet jewelry
Emily Eakes (fabulous wall art)
Lusterbunny jewelry
Foldedpigs (ceramics)

I think we are going to have a great array of stuff--everyone is so different, I can't wait to see it all set up!

See you soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ric Rac Roundup part 2!

Hey everybody!
Just a reminder--in exactly a month from today we will be having the Holiday Ric Rac Roundup at Californos in Westport! So mark your calendars and gather your friends, it will be craft fun for all!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heads up...

Heads up folks!

A second Ric Rac Roundup will be held on November 19th from 5:30-9ish at Californos!! Hmm, that just in time for the holidays--you better start making your list now!

More info to come...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glazed Earth

Judy Boyer Finnegan--Glazed Earth
I first started working in clay about 16 years ago while a student at Texas Tech University. Just within the last two and a half years I have begun again. I work in white earthenware clay and low-fire glazes. I roll the clay out into slabs; stamp the clay with handmade stamps, found stamps and found objects. Then I cut shapes from the stamped clay and use slumped molds to make the form I desire. Those pieces are then attached to others to form a vase or wish vessel or whatever.

My latest series of pieces are connected with the job I have during the week. As a tailor's assistant I am around fabrics with texture, color, and decorative patterns. I have acquired many scraps of lace and other textural fabrics to press into the clay. I then glaze the pieces in bright colors.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sandi Devenny

I am an artist; illustrator, designer, crafty chick. I love creating stuff!

For as long as I recall, I've had a passion for art -- doodling, painting, needlework, collage, etc. As a child I was greatly inspired by my mother's sewing and how she persistently created handmade items for me to play with. Through the years my love of sewing and fine needlework had grown, and soon after the birth of our son it fully emerged. With him as my main source of inspiration, I've been continuing to create a variety of children related items including, onesies, booties, bibs, finger puppets, dolls and currently an array of plush creatures. With support from my husband, family and friends I've continued to evolve and have gladly moved forth into the urban rise of crafting.

I reside in Overland Park, Kansas, where each item is fabricated locally and handmade with extra love. I'm ecstatic to share my creations with you and I hope you'll enjoy everything as much as I've love creating it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Handmade by Sodapop

Dayle is my name, crafts are my game. I've been crafty my entire it's all I know. I sew, knit, solder, cut and paste to create things. I'm based here in Kansas City, but my hometown is Baltimore, Maryland. I'm an urban girl living in a loft with my hubby and two dogs.

Handmade by Sodapop is a creative venture of pure girly craftiness. It's all about the fun colors, textures and patterns I see everyday. I am passionate about creating beautiful things from my heart. I make handbags, jewelry, flower pins and many other women's accessories, I love the idea of making something beautiful that someone else may enjoy. It makes me feel good knowing I made someone's day.
I have so many ideas and so little time to make them. I do what I can when I can. Sodapop is truly a labor of love. It's sweet, colorful, and full of energy, just like me.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oddly Correct coffee

We choose to roast high quality, sustainable coffees from importers and micro-mill operators who believe in paying farmers a wage that covers the effort necessary to produce coffees of distinction and keep food on their tables.

Endgame for us is forging meaningful and sustainable relationships with every aspect of our business. We wish to increase the well being of the coffee producing communities, and in turn sweeten your morning with coffees sweet, complex and pleasantly freaky.

You and we can sleep better at night knowing a fair price has been paid for all raw materials used at Oddly Correct. We aim to continually engage our own minds and relationships in the interest of bringing better and better roasted coffee to the market.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Amuck Design

Bryan and Andrea Ring are artists with a passion. A passion for giving raw unconventional materials a beautiful new life.

Bryan and Andrea covet pieces from city streets and random locales; items like street signs and license plates. They then, combine their treasured findings with precious metals to create their unique style of fine art jewelry.

Andrea has been designing and selling jewelry for over twenty years. As a metalsmith she has mastered cold connections and is always looking for new ways to add color into her metalwork. Bryan and Andrea met at college where they studied metalsmithing and design together. This is also where they began to combine their ideas about design, materials, inspiration, and what they wanted to do with their lives. Two years out of school they formed Amuck.

Inspired by graphic urban imagery, this husband and wife team design and fabricate each piece in their midtown Kansas City, Missouri home and studio.

Early Jewelry

To bring the spirit of pasture and prairie, feather on the ground, dusty fences, barns with owls in the rafters, the saloon, harvest, the nostalgia of homestead and the excitement of the old made young again all influenced Kylie Grater's approach to creating jewelry. Her close contact with these organic influences, in part, determines her materials: feather, cowbone, leather, wood & horsehair, to name a few.

In addition to creating jewelry out of new materials, Kylie invents pieces by reconstructing cast-outs and vintage jewelry. Inspiration for this line of jewelry comes from a dictate out of her rural past: one must make use of every little thing! This environmental decision to reuse results i unique and eclectic pieces that are expressive of both the old and new. Kyle Grater resides in Lawrence, KS where all the pieces are handmade.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Emily Jungden

Emily Jungden is a whiz with jewelry--most especially with enamel. If I kept every piece of her jewelry that I wanted, I would have an Emily Jungden museum! Here she is to introduce herself..

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to make things. Whether it was sitting in my grandmother's sewing room putting together Barbie clothes, or doodling paper unicorns, the spirit of creativity has always been a part of what I do. I took a metalsmithing class as an elective in college and instantly I fell in love. Whether it is the meticulous process, or the satisfaction of the finished product, I am drawn to this medium. I also have a background in printmaking, which I think is reflected in the strong graphic nature of the colors and shapes of the jewelry I create. I always try to have fun with my work, and my goal is that the person who buys my jewelry loves wearing it as much as I love creating it.

Don't forget to check out her emmy-ray blog!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dirty Laundry

Jeanee from Dirty Laundry can make anything. And everything. And usually does! She is going to be in the roundup, and here she is to introduce herself!

Ever notice how there's just so much cute in the world? I always notice products, prints, patterns, palettes, silhouettes, trends, type, textiles and the list goes on! I couldn't just keep it to myself, so I started crafting as a way to share all the amazing inspiration I find in the world around me. Dirty Laundry evolved as a place to put my stuff. While the items I create vary from aprons, to t-shirts to cupcake bath fizzies, they all share the qualities of cute, stylish, and absolutely handmade. The Dirty Laundress, my logo, is a reflection of me. She's a crafty chick-sassy and sweet. She cooks, cleans, crafts and more- all on her own terms. June Cleaver but kicked up a notch, and I'm guessing she's a little bit of you too!

Don't forget to check out the DirtyLaundry blog!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

ric rac one!

Hello, and welcome to the ric rac roundup blog! We are so excited about the roundup, which will be held July 25th in the bon bon parking lot!

Here is a list of roundup-ers:
Emily Blodgett-Panos
Sheila Blodgett
Emily Jungden
Andrea Yates
Liz Gardner
Dirty Laundry
Handmade by Sodapop
Scarlett Garnett
Angela Muir
Early Jewelry
Lesa Dailey
Glazed Earth
Amuck Design
Pati Lord Judy
Kit Mit
Stir Designs
Oddly Correct
& we are working on a few more!

So, who are these people? Well, keep checking back to this blog and we will give you the lowdown on these crafters, what they make, and what fun stuff is happening at the roundup!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coming soon..