Saturday, June 27, 2009

Early Jewelry

To bring the spirit of pasture and prairie, feather on the ground, dusty fences, barns with owls in the rafters, the saloon, harvest, the nostalgia of homestead and the excitement of the old made young again all influenced Kylie Grater's approach to creating jewelry. Her close contact with these organic influences, in part, determines her materials: feather, cowbone, leather, wood & horsehair, to name a few.

In addition to creating jewelry out of new materials, Kylie invents pieces by reconstructing cast-outs and vintage jewelry. Inspiration for this line of jewelry comes from a dictate out of her rural past: one must make use of every little thing! This environmental decision to reuse results i unique and eclectic pieces that are expressive of both the old and new. Kyle Grater resides in Lawrence, KS where all the pieces are handmade.

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