Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glazed Earth

Judy Boyer Finnegan--Glazed Earth
I first started working in clay about 16 years ago while a student at Texas Tech University. Just within the last two and a half years I have begun again. I work in white earthenware clay and low-fire glazes. I roll the clay out into slabs; stamp the clay with handmade stamps, found stamps and found objects. Then I cut shapes from the stamped clay and use slumped molds to make the form I desire. Those pieces are then attached to others to form a vase or wish vessel or whatever.

My latest series of pieces are connected with the job I have during the week. As a tailor's assistant I am around fabrics with texture, color, and decorative patterns. I have acquired many scraps of lace and other textural fabrics to press into the clay. I then glaze the pieces in bright colors.

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  1. I love Judy's work! These pictures are only a taste of what she creates. I highly recommend attending the next event she shows at, her work is amazing!